Join the One Million Gratitudes EXCHANGE Movement

What Exactly IS the One Million Gratitudes EXCHANGE Movement?

Before I explain, first let me give you 4 compelling reasons why you should be practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

Reason #1..It puts us in the present moment, in the "now"

When we practice appreciation or gratitude, we get to celebrate everything that is in our life, our experiences and the people that support us.

For example, think about your eyes and the ability to read what is on this page at this very moment.

Imagine ALL the processing in your mind and body that is taking place to allow this to happen.  This is an excellent reason to appreciate and be grateful for the marvels of the human experience.  Allow yourself to celebrate in this.

Reason #2..  It blocks negative emotions.

You cannot be in a state of envy, jealousy, frustration, anger, or sadness when you are in a state of gratitude. 

It’s impossible to maintain these two emotional states at the same time.  As a matter of fact, research shows that practicing gratitude is extremely effective in reducing or preventing episodes of our most common negative emotion; depression    

Reason #3... Less Stress

People who practice gratitude tend to be less stressed.  They’re better able to deal with life’s serious issues such as death, trauma, illness and adversity and will recover much more quickly.

An appreciative perspective can help turn these trying times into life learning lessons that may contribute positively to your own life and the lives of others.  There are countless stories of individuals who have turned tragedy to triumph.

Reason #4...You Realize You Have ALWAYS Been Supported

You begin to realize that you are, and always have been, supported. 

When you turn on your light switch, for example, have you ever given thanks for the electricians of the world who have helped light up our lives?  What about every time you drink water? 

Have you considered sending out love to the engineers, the plumbers or the manufacturers of the taps that we depend on every day?

 Do you see how you can never fall short of finding things to be grateful for?

By being in a state of gratitude we realize how we’re surrounded by an incredible support structure helping make our lives much more comfortable.

 Then, when we begin to consciously send gratitude to these people, this raises the emotional energy of love in our heart. 

As our love increases there is a ripple effect on those around us which in turn helps raise the love vibration in other people’s lives as well.

Which brings me to WHY you should want to join the One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement.

 By participating in this movement, not only will you raise your own happiness, you will exchange that happiness with someone you appreciate.  It could be your lover, your child, your grandchildren, your clients, your students, your teachers, your staff or your co-workers.

 The “One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement Journal”.

 You’ll first write YOUR gratitudes in the first half of the Journal and then pass the book to someone else.  They will then write their gratitudes in the second half.

 My experience in sharing gratitudes and reading someone else’s close to me, is that it magnifies the love emotion for that other person.  You’ll also get the opportunity to discuss the written gratitudes which will foster more communication.

Love and Communication are two important things needed in today’s world. 

We need to get back to connecting with what is important in our life and consciously taking time to appreciate it. For the people in our lives as well as our surroundings.

 I’ll offer you an example of this in my own life. 

 I love and appreciate and am very grateful for flowers and the plant kingdom. 

 By focusing on their beauty, the colors, the varying aromas, the differing textures, it has given me insight into the incredible patterns that are all around us and how we are ALL connected. I never really noticed this before.  

 We don’t need “research” to let us know that putting value on and appreciating what, and who, is in our life both past and present makes us feel happier.

 For those practicing gratitude on a regular basis, the research has verified what we’ve innately known to be true.  Gratitude equals well being.

 By participating in the One Million Gratitudes Exchange Movement, it will actually magnify your happiness and promote communication and unity throughout the world.

 Join the movement today.

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 Join today, tell a friend and make a difference by raising love and communication on the planet.