Biggest Challenges Facing Retirement

Is your biggest challenges facing retirement money, health or loneliness?

One of the biggest challenges facing retirement.

 “About 75% of Americans over 40 are Behind On Savings For Retirement” – Based on a survey summary done by “GoBankingRates”

“Since baby boomers are living longer, people who plan to retire in their mid-60's to early 70’s need to have enough money for an additional 10 or 20 more years of living than their predecessors back in the day.  So where is this money going to come from?

Many forward thinking retirees have chosen a lifestyle that incorporates social interaction and income that supports a sense of well being that comes from "making a difference".  

Helping others take control of their health while sharing your insight and wisdom is a growing opportunity in the 21st century economic model.  It's called social entrepreneurship and as you browse our site we'll share tips and strategies to help you navigate your financial questions and concerns. 

Arguably one of the biggest challenges facing retirement.

Health allows freedom very few realize and appreciate ... until you no longer have it.  The moment you lose it, it's too late.

Active baby boomers, midlifer’s and retirees must realize that good health is a necessity.  Your choices play a crucial role in making sure that your personal "machine" continues to hum along without breaking down. Like a vintage car we are in need of regular, thoughtful maintenance.

We are what we eat.  Healthy supplementation is critical.  Research indicates that the level of nutrition in our foods today has decreased significantly therefore, supplementation must be an integral part of our overall wellness regime.

Ron and Juanita are not only maintaining their health but actually experiencing the BEST health of their lives.  Midlife has been the springboard to a new and HEALTHIER life and they want that for you too.  This site is intended to help you achieve that goal.

People in Midlife Years Are Seeking Friendships and a Bigger Cause

When you're caught up in your own life, friendships have a tendency to slip away over the course of years.  It's worth your time and effort to sustain connections and build new ones if you're going to preserve peace of mind and well being into your later years.

Ultimately love and relationships are everything.

With that spirit in mind Ron and Juanita have begun an initiative entitled FUN - Friends United for Nutrition.  It's where individuals can gather and exchange support, recipes, information and more importantly, have fun with nutritional advice.

There are networks of inspiring, positive people who are on a passionate mission to make a difference in the world. 

If finances, health and support in your midlife years are a concern to you, then we need to talk. 

Join our movement;  Midlife to New Life, and learn as much as you can about experiencing great health, financial security and creating  friendships that expand around the world. 

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