Awaken Your Ageless Spirit

Midlife crises will awaken your ageless spirit.

Midlife crisis is in reality NOT a crisis.  It is actually an opportunity to awaken to a new you, to your New Life. 

Your spirit is always leading you on the right path.  If you are experiencing what you consider to be a crisis, it is an opportune time to go within and ask yourself the questions, “what’s the challenge  wanting to teach me?”

We all will experience challenges outside of our circumstances, such as losing a loved one.   

By the time you reach your midlife years, you're probably like most of us and have experienced many challenges. Some were out of your control and others were not. 

You may have experienced a  divorce, a serious illness, or financial stress. You may be dealing with adult children or aging parents.

You ask anyone and they will tell you that they also have a story.  We all do.

Regardless of your story, Ron's and my desire for you is that you will find the information we share with you uplifting and inspiring and you seek to discover ways to enjoy the next phase of your life.

We wish for you the same depth of love with your partner as Ron and I feel for each other. 

This is a place to discover new ideas and insights  to Awaken Your Ageless Spirit.  It IS possibly to live a long, healthy, meaningful, life. 

Midlife is a PERFECT time to start that journey to awakening your ageless spirit.

Challenges Awaken Your Ageless Spirit

By the time we reach our midlife years there can be many regrets, such as not taking better care of your health.  Maybe it’s wishing that you had reacted differently in a past relationship.  Maybe you’re in the blame mode.

ALL of this is providing you an opportunity to discover new ways to let go and begin living your life on purpose.  Live the life that you came here to live. 

Let go of your comfort zone. Look at challenges as an opportune time to grow, love more, have more fun, travel to places that you always dreamed and allow that ageless spirit in you to soar.

Who Are We?

Hi, we’re Juanita and Ron.

After both spending time in long term marriages that failed, we have come to a stage in our midlife years where we realize that all our past challenges were actually gifts to move us on a path to awakening to the ageless spirit that we truly are.  

We are blessed to be open and receive the insights  to wake up everyday in appreciation for each other and everything we have in our life. 

We make our health the number one priority, next to our faith.  We do not take our health for granted.  We incorporate certain things in our wellness regime that has taken it to a whole to level.  

We realize that our purpose is to live in and live with love in all areas of our lives.  This includes taking care of our mind, body and spirit. 

LOVE is our purpose.

If love is flowing in our lives, we are off purpose.  It is to have more peace and joy in our life.  It is to have more laughter and fun.  When we are experiencing this, we are in flow.  We are expressing the ageless spirit within.